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Spotlight on Baris Cinar

Spotlight on Baris Cinar Studio Tashkeel

Second up in our Spotlight series is Baris Cinar. Baris is our ‘Part II’ architectural assistant and joined STA in June.¬†Our resident Adobe Photoshop and AutoCAD whizz, if you want something rendered, Baris is your man.

He is currently working on a number of exciting digital visuals for some of our residential projects, but in his spare time he puts the computer away, picks up his pencils and produces the amazing sketches you see below. He has a penchant for expensive pencils and can spend hours layering the colour to perfection.

Away from architecture and design, Baris can tell you all about bio-mimicry, from drones inspired by dragonflies to the natural origins of velcro, Baris is interested in how natures processes are used to influence human applications. Just don’t get him started on spiderwebs, he might spin you a long tale….



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