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The Practice Studio Tashkeel

Studio Tashkeel is an award-winning architecture practice based in Manchester City Centre. The firm’s experience ranges across various sectors from Institutions, Offices, Residences and Retail Environments, but our niche specialism lies in the Residential and Commercial sectors.

Our team is fortunate to have had extensive so-called ‘large practice’ experience –

what we aim to bring to a small outfit is the
efficiency, quality of work, level of service & ethics which come from juggernaut outfits – however with a real value-for-money offering.


As Dieter Rams noted: Good Design is Honest, Unobtrusive, Long-lasting. This is where the name ‘Tashkeel’ was born, meaning ‘to give form to’ something of ‘quality, resilience and permanence’.

We take quite seriously the immense responsibility surrounding our role – our building users spend the majority of their day in the spaces we design.

As responsible designers, our building schemes are considerate to this issue and take ‘live-ability’ as an important constraint in our work.

Avoiding the whimsical, the practice follows a careful study of context, form, light, material and detail. Each project is unique in its quality, detailed in a way that makes it robust yet beautifully elegant and a pleasing environment to live & work in.

The Practice Studio Tashkeel
The Practice Studio Tashkeel

Our work aims to consistently add value to our clients’ property assets – achieved using
strong architectural principles of good design & efficient spatial planning.

We review the monetary constraints of the design at every stage of construction, both within the practice as well as externally with the wider design team & stakeholders. This all-rounded approach helps keep the construction budget as a realistic measure.

We are known for our simple yet intuitive design work which carries a core concept or idea, aimed at ultimately benefiting the end-user. This concept is then implemented at in every stage of design development and carried through to completion.


Using a holistic approach, we collaborate with the larger design team & learn from where their strengths and expertise lies. Translating this into our own discipline using the latest technologies, we are able to bring our work to the forefront of cutting-edge architecture.

We are early adopters of BIM – its use means
our buildings are significantly better than others.

Building Information Modelling (BIM) increases our efficiency in understanding, translating & coordinating model information across the design team.

The Practice Studio Tashkeel
The Practice Studio Tashkeel

Call us idealistic or naïve (or worse), but we are designers who truly believe we can make a difference to the world we live in. We make small but significant design-decisions everyday with the hope that one day these will bear fruit and society at large will be benefited.

In our work we do this using sustainable principles: actual green principles, not some ‘corporate green’ lip-service. And in our personal lives, we help-out where we can. Some of us work with Manchester’s youth charities, some with under-privileged families. As a practice, we work to eradicate the issue of Homelessness in Manchester (look up ‘SSG’ on our portfolio).

It isn’t Altruism, it’s basic Humanity.

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