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III Brothers Cafe


III Brothers is an exciting new fast food outlet located in the Manchester Arndale Centre. It is our second project within the Arndale Centre, Fruteiro Do Brazil being our first, which opened in 2018.


III Brothers is a café serving specialty crepes, breakfast, lunch and coffee. The requirement for preparation of food and drink meant that architecturally the design had to create specific utilitarian areas for this, but as always with STA, we made sure this was done with design flair and style.


As with many food outlets in the Manchester Arndale Centre, the floor space available is limited. This meant careful design was needed to make sure that the staff could undertake their duties with ease and that the equipment that they need is in the most appropriate and accessible place to make sure the customers are served quickly and efficiently.


These specific needs meant that a bespoke, framework had to be designed for the structure of the food outlet. Each piece of equipment, appliance or preparation area had its own bespoke metal framed counter designed, these singular components then fitted together created the whole unit.


For example, this complex framework included space for the till module at a differing height to allow ease of use for the staff, a counter with integrated sink and doors, space for bottle cooler and areas where the frame couldn’t be continuous as it had to fit around the existing structure when being installed.


This intricate metal structure was then hidden from view by stainless steel counter tops, white cupboard fronts and contrasting teal green chevron tiling. To provide texture, lettering of the company name was to be engraved and illuminated on the front counter . Timber joists and fire-resistant plasterboard were added to the ceiling and hanging copper lights finished off the industrial chic design.


The unit is under production and aims to be completed in October 2019.




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