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As I sit-down to write this, I am having the sudden realisation that I had even made resolutions in what was the New Year  2018,  exactly 12 months ago. As cliched as it sounds – THE YEAR HAS ABSOLUTELY FLOWN PAST! – doesn’t even cut it.

2018 was a tumultuous year.

The Tetris Building had commenced and we were beginning to get to grips with what was proving to be a difficult design given the constraints of the projects.

In the past year we have finally managed to ‘crack’ this design and in the process, matured tremendously in a very short period of time.

2018 has seen us grow stronger in our design skills, far more efficient in our design and resilient to change.

Our individuals abilities, in addition to our skills as a team are beginning to work hand-in-hand. This makes the year ahead look so exciting that we can’t wait to step in and make the best of it!

Time flies like an arrow – but fruit flies like a banana : Terry Wogan

Sorry, couldn’t resist.. 😀

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