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We recently released information on two of our projects Fruteiro Do Brazil and III Brothers Cafe, that are located in the Manchester Arndale Centre, so we thought it would be a good idea to have a look at what makes the design of a food and drink outlet successful when there are tight restrictions on floor space.

Effective Retail Design Studio Tashkeel
Effective Retail Design Studio Tashkeel
Understanding the needs of the business

The most important factor when designing a successful food outlet is really understanding the needs of the business and understanding what will take place in the space. Each business has a unique set of requirements based on the product they store, prepare and sell to the public, what may work for one food outlet might not be right for another.  It is also useful to understand how many staff will be present at once and what they will be doing in the outlet.


Efficient Use of Space

Utilising the floor space you will have in the unit is key when square footage is at a premium. Understanding how the staff will use the space helps to plan and design a safe working environment where staff can move around the space without impeding each other. This is important both for efficiency and safety.Zonal areas for food preparation, cooking and serving are vital and clever integration of storage within these areas mean that the staff have easy access to the products when they need them. This also makes sure that is no cross contamination of cooked / uncooked foodstuffs.


Keep the customer in mind

After considering the layout of the floor space based on the requirements of the business and staff, it is important to remember the needs of the customer. The customer must have a clear view of what products are on offer, sections of raised glass allow the customers to view and make their choice without comprising hygiene. Menus should be placed with an unobstructed view and should be easy to read, TV screens are a good option if space and budget allows. Customer payments should be easy and fuss free with a dedicated point of sale area. All these aspects will lead to a quality interaction for the customer and promote repeat visits.

Effective Retail Design Studio Tashkeel
Effective Retail Design Studio Tashkeel

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