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Planning Your House Extension

Interested in designing your dream home extension but don’t know where to start? Studio Tashkeel Architecture have put together a handy blog to help guide you through the process.

What do you ultimately want to achieve from a house extension?

Begin by assessing what you really want from your property. Do you dream of open plan living? Extra space for a dining kitchen? Or even a sanctuary in the loft to escape the noise of family life. You could start by writing down your top 3 priorities for your build. This could be something like:

  • Introduce more natural light
  • Open plan living areas
  • Adding value to your property
Now take these priorities and look at the benefits that you and your family would gain. For example:
  • Lighter spaces = A better quality of life

Research has shown that exposure to natural light in your home can help you focus better, reduce stress and anxiety and even boost your immune system.

  • Open plan living = Integrated family life

Feel like you never see the kids? You’re cooking whilst they sit in a separate room doing their homework or playing? Opening up your space means that families can take part in their individual activities but still feel a sense of togetherness. Also opening up two rooms into one also allows light to travel further into your property, an added bonus!

  • Adding value = Investing in your future

Putting your well-earned savings into your house could see a benefit in two ways. Not only do you get to experience the new space and its rewards whilst you live in the property but if you choose to put the property on the market in the future this could see this investment returned when you sell it.

 *It is important to remember that return on investment in property is not guaranteed and depends on market conditions at the time. It is important to check the ceiling price for properties in your area to avoid over investment. *


What are the next steps in turning your dream into a reality?

Now that you have decided what your build priorities are, the next important step is to speak to an architect who can advise you as to what is achievable at your property.

Studio Tashkeel Architecture can provide a number of bespoke services to help you decide what is the right path to take.  From a feasibility survey of your initial ideas to full planning application on your behalf with the local council, Studio Tashkeel can help you each step of the way.

Here are some of our services and their associated costs explained:
Design Consultation: From £150

An architect will visit your home and spend an hour discussing your extension ideas. We will then take a rough measure of your ground floor and sketch up an architectural plan showing the re-design of the spaces.

Design Consultation PLUS: From £450

An architect will visit your home and spend an hour discussing your design aspirations with you. We will then take a full measured survey of the hall, Living, Dining / Kitchen areas of your property. We will then use these measurements to draw up the proposed re-design of the ground floor as well as create a mood board of interior design ideas and sketches.

Design Consultation FULL HOME: From £650

Same as Design Consultation PLUS the first floor included.

Planning Proposal for 2 Storey Extension: £1400

An architect will visit your home and carry out a full measured survey on the whole property. They will discuss all your design requirements and ideas in detail with you then use this information to produce an overall re-design of the ground floor, first floor and external areas including landscaping.

Back in the office we will then produce a set of draft planning drawings for the property and then return to you to discuss the design and make necessary amendments. From these amendments a set of final planning drawings will be produced and submitted to the council on your behalf. Studio Tashkeel will act as your agent throughout the planning process and liaise with the council with regards the application. A final set of drawings and decision notice will be provided.

Planning Proposal with Further Amendments: £1500

This service is the same as above however if further amendments are needed, Studio Tashkeel can produce a second set of draft planning drawings for a small additional cost.

These prices are exclusive of VAT and should be used as a guide only, as cost vary depending on the size of the your property.


If you think Studio Tashkeel can help you with the design of your dream home extension, please contact us by phone or email and we will be happy to talk things over with you.


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