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Town Housing


Project Name: Row of 7 Town Houses


Category: Refurbishment


Stage in July 2019: Design


This project came to Studio Tashkeel when a client approached us after recent acquisition of an existing row of unfinished terraced properties which required further works to bring them up to the standard of current Building Regulations. Later, it also came to light that the previous owners of the site had commenced construction, nearing completion without the discharge of Planning Conditions.


Studio Tashkeel visited the site and undertook an architectural survey to fully assess which parts of the building works needed to be brought up to current standards. In liaison with Tameside council, we also agreed the best method for re-commencement of work after having all planning conditions discharged to their full legal extents.


In a design perspective, STA proposed external material changes to help make the row of house more visually appealing. To the front elevation, this included the addition of modern horizontal balustrades which was applied to the first-floor glazed doors as well as dark grey coloured shuttering on the garages below. The front and rear windows were once again proposed light-grey PPC finish with complimentary dark-grey external doors. To the rear, STA proposed that a balcony area be created above annex on the ground floor. This was to match the front elevation, thereby creating a consistent material scheme through-out.


Although only relatively minor material changes were required, these details give the row of terraces a new modern look and crucially meet current building regulation standards, helping these presently unused houses become a welcome place for future tenants to call home.


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